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Q: When did you begin your real estate career?
Q: What type of work did you do prior to entering real estate?
Q: How has your success in prior careers prepared you in serving your clients?
Q: I think I can sell my own home. Convince me otherwise.
Q: I like your marketing material. Who does it for you?

Q: Do you support any local charities?

Q. What activites do you like to participate in?

Q. What credentials do you have?

Q: When did you begin your real estate career?
A: I've been in the real estate business for about 25 years. In the beginning, it was mostly large commercial projects, which were missing the individual sales contact that I really enjoy, so I moved exclusively to residential real estate. I started with Tarbell, and moved to Berkshire Hathaway (fka Prudential). I've been living in and around Coto de Caza since I moved to California from Michigan (Go Spartans!), which is why I've chosen to market there.


In 2006 our family moved to Colorado and I opened up my own real estate brokerage company, Erin Morse and Associates, LLC.  We just love the open space, mountains and all Colorado has to offer.

Q: What type of work did you do prior to entering real estate?
A: I've always been in the real estate business. I worked as the Senior Paralegal for large ($100 million plus) commercial mortgage banking transactions. Consequently, I'm very good at dealing with all of the contract and negotiation issues that always arise during the purchase or sale of a home. I wanted to move to residential real estate because I throughly enjoy the individual contact with my clients and absolutely love the feeling I get when someone buys or sells the home of their dreams. It's the part that was missing in commercial real estate, and it's the part I enjoy the most.

Q: How has your success in prior careers prepared you in serving your clients?
A: I've always been a highly successful, and motivated person. My career experience has broadened my knowledge and experience so I can better deal with issues that may arise in residential real estate. For example, commercial real estate transactions are typically in the tens or hundreds of million dollar range, and several individuals, corporate entities and trusts are usually involved. Residential real estate transactions are usually less complex, but skills I developed negotiating these larger transactions allow me to easily address any issues that may come up during the sale of a home.


Q: I think I can sell my own home. Convince me otherwise.
A: I think you probably can too, just like I thought I could paint my own house because the bids I received all seemed to be too high. I mean, come on! How tough can it be to pick out the paint from the hardware store, bring it home, and put it on the walls? Okay, I guess I didn't get enough paint the first time, but getting more was pretty easy, and I suppose we really needed to get some extra ladders, and you never know when you might need a lot of extra drop cloths! But I did a really professional job! Well, maybe I could have trimmed a little better, and I don't think anyone will notice the paint drips on the carpeting, and we were planning on replacing that chair anyway!
I think you get my point. Yes, you could sell your own home, and if you had all the resources, and industry contacts, you could probably do a pretty good job. But the reality is, you most likely don't. More importantly, you probably don't have the time either. I started painting my house only to realize that I also had a family! The kids want to go to the movies or Wild Rivers? Well, okay, I guess this can wait until next weekend. Two months later, the ladders, drop cloths and paint buckets went into the garage. Would I do it again? Absolutely not! I'm afraid, your experience selling your home may be similar to my painting attempt. I hear similar stories when I talk to clients who tried selling their own home. They don't want to do the marketing. They don't want to hold the open houses. They don't want to deal with all of the showings. They typically don't have a lot of time to spare because they're busy making a living and raising a family! What they do want is professional turn-key service. They want someone who will plan everything, schedule everything and make sure all the legal nuances and contract issues are covered. They have their own professions....they don't want to be Realtors, and this is why they hire me!
So, if you still feel like selling your own home, you might want to try some painting first!

Q: I like your marketing material. Who does it for you?
A: Thanks! We do all of our marketing, except for some production work, in house. It's the only way we can completely control the quality of the work. For example, the postcards we send are printed in Montana (of all places) because this particular shop does very high quality work on Heidelberg presses rather than a cheaper laser process. It's the same reason why we use large format film cameras when photographing your home. Your home deserves the highest quality marketing materials available. I won't settle for less, and neither should you..

  Q: Do you support any local charities?

A.  YES!  I donate often to the Douglas Elbert Task Force, and womens shelters.  I also donate heavily to the National Mill Dog Rescue in Peyton, Colorado; Denver Animal Shelter; PETA, Dumb Friends League and Mile High Weimeraner on a monthly basis.


 Q.  What activites do you like to participate in?

A.  I'm an avid runner, gym rat, love to golf, ski, hike, horseback riding (I own a paint horse named Rocket), and hike with my several dogs.  Love new adventures!


 Q.  What credentials do you have?

A.    I attended Michigan State University; and graduated from the University of California Irvine (UCI) as a Paralegal.

      *   Senior Paralegal - 15 years

      *   Licensed Broker and Founder of Erin Morse and Associates, LLC

      *   Broker Associate and licensed Realtor in California with Carrington Real Estate Services

      *   Certified Negotiation Expert (CNE)

      *   REO Certified

      *   AREO Certified with banks

      *   BPO Certified

      *   Military Relocation Professional (MRP)

      *   Voted Five Star Specialist by 5280 Magazine from 2007-2020

      *   Top 3% of Realtors Nationwide in California

      *   Top 3% of Realtors Nationwide in Colorado

      *   Chairman's Gold Circle Awards in California with Prudential

      *   Short Sale Specialist and Certified (SFR)

      *   Over $285mil in residential sales in the past 14 years

      *   Past HOA Board Member in Bell Mountain Ranch 2011-2013